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April 5, 2007

Half-Nekkid Goodbye Kitty

Hntkitty3Or "Half-Nekkid Hotel Room," whichever you prefer.

Well, I've always been an admirer of Osbasso and all the people brave enough to join him each week in doing HNT posts, but I've always been hesitant to post any photos of myself because 1) I have been trying to overcome lots of body image issues and haven't wanted people to focus on or provide assessments of my body, and 2) I'm probably unduly paranoid about protecting my anonymity. However, lately I've been doing an ongoing project for myself as my body transforms from one shape to another. The goal is to learn how to fall back in love with my body and accept it in its many forms. More specifically, as I've been losing weight, I've been documenting it through photos--taking pretty pictures of it in all its stages so I can remember what it was like and confirm for myself that my body is and was always appealing in all of its various incarnations.

I took a few that I liked for the series last week when I was staying in a hotel. And since it seems like lately barely anyone is reading anyway, I figure no one will probably actually even see this HNT, so what the hell.

The following are shots of me late at night in clothes that no longer fit, documenting a transition in body and mind. It's a fond farewell to my absolutely favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt, which is now swimming on me and which I need to (sob) retire. This shirt was one of the few things that made me feel attractive while I was fat. And also, to add to the image, a matching set of retro cotton panties (I love the look of retro Sears catalog panties) that I've also gotten too small for. These clothes were soft and comfortable and made me feel safe and cared for and pretty during some really hard times. I'll miss them, but it's time to say goodbye. Now that I've shown them some photographic love, I am ready to let them go.

So, below the cut, two more from my "Goodbye, Hello Kitty" series.

(Biting my lip nervously as I hit "post.")



Comments (20)

AndyT13 said:

I think you look great!
Why the body issues? HHNT!

Elvis said:

Happy HNT, kitten. Those are dead sexy.

Miss Syl added:


Why the body issues?

Ah, Andy, if I had the definitive answer to that question, I'd no longer have them. :) Working on it.

Nice to meet you, thanks for the compliment, and a Happy HNT to you, too.

Karl Elvis: Thanks, darling man.

Blissfully Wed said:

What a wonderfully interesting and sexy HNT debut.

Thanks for what you choose to share. (I really do love the angles of your pics.)


MG said:

There are many of us with body image issues. and truthfully, HNT is the perfect place to help with that ;)

Way to jump in :)


Res said:

This post is adorable.

And, the first time HNT is always the best,ya know!

Many more, for you. These are just right (the pics & the panties!)

xx,Res. HHNT! :)

Shay said:

It's always sad to retire clothes, but happily in your case is sad AND happy ^_^

sweat shop sissy said:

very cute pics and congrats.
When ♀ started losing weight, i started taking pictures of her every month, but she wanted them to be brutally honest; well lit, back, front and sides. she wanted to see exactly what was happening. it's amazing to see the progress, but i wish she would have allowed some artistic shots as well.

Circe said:

More pics! And I love the Hello Kitty shirt! Why can't you keep it just for hanging around in? And did I mention... MORE PICS?

blissfully wed said:

You look great and congrats on the weight loss.



ArtfulDodger said:

Oh beautiful, I am so proud of you today! And so happy to see you!! Hi there. ;) Just remember, we all love you and honestly you look great, especially that last photo... I see where your hand is headed, see, even you think you look great. Happy first HNT!!

Hiromi said:

More photos, preeze.

Miss Syl added:

Hey all, it was a much, much busier day than I thought it would be, so no time to answer everyone individually. Big group hug and thanks for all the nice comments.

As to more photos, I'll have to think about it. No plans to as of now, but you never know.

tom paine said:

Wish they weren't so dark, you look quite nice in the shadows....

Ray said:

You're adorable.

More, preeze.

Elvis said:

What Ray said.

darkneuro said:

BRAVO! Happy HNT, hon. You look TERRIFIC... And you'll find new comfies. This I know.

aag said:

Brave girl, to post photos of yourself...finally!

Why not keep the shirt around to sleep in, at least? :)

Pagan And Pervert said:

Lovely... can't make much out, but you look just fine. And don't worry about visitors... we're all HNT players, too! Who are we going to tell? :)

Musns said:

I was at Post Secret and one of the postcards said "I wish I was anorexic"

I can understand feeling that way. Logically I know it's not a good way to be thin and I am to rational to go that way.

However, when I hate my body the most, I do wish that.

It takes a lot of will power to go on a 'healthy eating plan' and make those changes. Bravo to you for doing so.

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